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DevFst POS Suite:


Is Box packed ready to deploy desktop application for single/multiple users, its developed based on user’s experiences, who are involved in different type of retail businesses like super store, brand shop etc. It’s user friendly and easy to manage application. It’s provided comprehensive operational features.


  • User Management (creating/Managing application users, assigning different roles & rights) 
  • Suppler Management (creating/Managing the business product suppliers)
  • Product Management ( Creating/Managing business product, linking with the supplier)
  • Product Price Management(Defining/Managing multiple Product rate List based on effective Date)
  • Barcode Printing (Printing product barcode, tagging with price & Supplier)
  • Inventory Management ( It’s one of the comprehensive feature, managing from buying PO from supplier, calculation of  buying rate at product level based on PO buying factors. This will further use for calculation of Profit & Loss based on Retail selling, PO items Returned/Exchange management )
  • Sales Management(It’s one of another comprehensive feature, Managing new sales invoice, searching customer based on their contact number, automate adding products by reading barcode, determine the retail price from effective rate, managing discount at product level, printing sales invoice, Managing Sales return based on reference sales invoice, re-printing sales invoices, Sales Closure Management)
  • Expense Management(Entering and Managing different business expenses like rent, salary, fuel, entertainment, utility bills etc)
  • Notifications (There are different types of notifications, send through email(configurable) like New Sales Notification(s), periodically send daily on any new sales, Daily Sales closure Notification, Daily Stock Detail Notification, Upcoming due PO Invoices for supplier payments Notification(Configurable days. Monthly Sales Notification)
  • Reports (comprehensive reporting feature)
    • Customers History (Pie Chart overview, Customer detail & It’s buying history)
    • Register Sales Invoices ( based on staring & starting period)
    • Daily Sales Overview ( Through Bar Chart & Pie Chart and Detail Level)
    • Monthly & Yearly Sales Overview (Through Bar Charts & Detail Level)
    • Selling Items Overview (Through Bar & Pie Charts & Detail Level)
    • Expense Overview  (Period based, Through Bar Charts & Detail Level)
    • Purchase Order Detail (Period base, supplier based, with Buying rate at product level)
    • Purchase Order Due Payment(s) (Supplied Based, Days remaining, Status (due/Overdue)
    • Purchase Order Payment(s) History (Supplier Based, Payment Detail )
    • Current Stock Detail Overview
    • Low Stock Overview

Supported Business

Apparel & fabric


Groccery Stores

Furniture Stores


Books & Stationary

DevFst POS Suite

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